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We are SVGSTOCK. We presents graphic vector content that people can download for free. We always strive to provide content that is useful for all designers.

All images are for illustrative purposes only and are indicative only. And not for Commercial Interest. Some images may include upgrades such as background color, style, and dimensions. Everyone may download all images in this website, but not to be used commercially. And some images are copyrighted by Their Respective Owners unless otherwise stated.

If on the other hand, you would like the SVGSTOCK to continue to display your work, but find errors in the information regarding the images, please inform us immediately so that we can correct the text of the affected posts.

If you are the Owner of the images and you believe that their use on this site is in violation of any copyright law, then please contact us through this form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

Thank you for all those who have helped us start from the Owner of the original image that We respect. Our friends who continue to encourage us to keep working through this website. We are only a designer, we do not have the legal ability to write and speak proficient formally. If in this disclaimer there are mistakes and shortcomings, we will be very proud and grateful to you that correcting our mistakes.