SVGSTOCK  is a website which presents graphic vector content that you can download for free! It’s really awesome! We always strive to provide content that is useful for all designers.

We have a small team with a big dreams. Because we believe, svg format has a bright on the future. And as long as it also SvgStock.com will keep running and dreaming with It.

We also have some social project, to introduce svg format to senior high schools. We provide knowledge and training about SVG format and tools. With free software that we introduce, would be usefull for the school, themselves, and also for their entity later.

With that spirit, we will work, work and work. Nowadays we do that with little resources that we have now. We design late into the night, and sometimes until next morning. With 2 of our lovely best friends, Momo and Ringo. They are loyal dogs that always bark when we fall asleep at work. Thx Guys,,we love you so mucccchhhh …Yup, we work hard enough, but we are so happy to do that.

So,,if You want the contents remain awesome and always updated, you can help us, to donate some money , which we will use to buy a cup of coffee, a snack for momo and Ringo, and that is sure to introduce knowledge about this SVG all over the country.

Here are the panels that you can give a donation to us.


For donation with special limit, we will give you a limited edition t-shirts of  SVGSTOCK  to you.